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This is pretty much all I do with my life.

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My head is still spinning from the amazing weekend I had. The short version of the story is that after seeing the amazing Sunday matinee of Tony-Award-winning musical In the Heights--starring my secret boyfriend, Lin Miranda--I met up with someone from the Spring Awakening board to see the closing performance of Conor McPherson's Port Authority at the Atlantic Theater in New York. Then we spent the evening with half the original Broadway cast of Spring Awakening, the ridiculously beautiful Aubrey Dollar (from the now-canceled Women's Murder Club, but who left Hollywood to be a real stage actress), the guy who will be playing Shrek on Broadway (Brian d'Arcy James), and two Tony Award winners--Johnny Gallagher, who won last year for Spring Awakening, and Jim Norton, who won this year for McPherson's The Seafarer and should totally be my new grandpa.

Jim Norton spoke with me like five times over the course of the evening and repeatedly insisted that we stay for the after party.

I just have to say that again. JIM NORTON invited us to the cast/crew BBQ after the show and told the bartender to take care of us. What? the? fuck?

Oh, and Johnny gave me a hug, which caught me so off-guard that I actually said "Oh!"

Did I mention that I spoke with Jim Norton? And that he invited me to a BBQ? W?T?F? This is not my beautiful [l]ife!
I really never post here anymore, do I? Wow. Here's part of the reason why:

According to Tip - New Repertory in Watertown, MA
Adding Machine musical - Off-Broadway
Apartment 3A - Off-Broadway
August: Osage County - Broadway
Avenue Q - Broadway
Bash'd: A Gay Rap opera - Off-Broadway
Boeing-Boeing - Broadway
Copenhagen - ART in Cambridge
Crimes of the Heart - Off-Broadway
Cry-Baby - Broadway
Donnie Darko - ART in Cambridge
Drowsy Chaperone - Broadway tour in Boston
Georges Bizet: Carmen (concert performance of the opera) - Chorus pro Musica at the New England Conservatory
Good Boys and True - Off-Broadway
Grease - Broadway
Gypsy - Broadway
Hairspray - Broadway tour in Boston
The Homecoming - Broadway
In the Heights (2 times) - Broadway
Len, Asleep in Vinyl - Off-Broadway
Les Liaisons Dangereuses - Broadway
Marlowe's Edward II - Off-Broadway
Next to Normal - Off-Broadway
Parlour Song - Off-Broadway
Passing Strange - Broadway
Pinter duet - New Repertory in Watertown, MA
Port Authority (2 times) - Off-Broadway
Saved! - Off-Broadway
The Seafarer (2 times) - Broadway
Shining City (2 times) - Huntington Theater in Boston
Speech & Debate (2 times) - Off-Broadway
Spring Awakening (8 times) - Broadway
Sunday in the Park with George - Broadway
Sweeney Todd - Broadway tour in Boston
Third - Huntington Theater in Boston
Two Thousand Years - Off-Broadway
Wicked - Broadway tour in Boston

Altar Boyz - Off-Broadway
Animals Out of Paper - Off-Broadway
Assassins - Boston
Bare: A Pop Opera - New Repertory in Watertown, MA
Crave/Somewhere in the Pacific - Off-Broadway
In the Heights (third time) - Broadway
The Marriage of Bette and Boo - Off-Broadway
QED - Cambridge
Reasons to Be Pretty - Off-Broadway
Some Americans Abroad - Off-Broadway
Spring Awakening (ninth through twelfth times) - Broadway
Stain - Off-Broadway
The Time of Mendel's Trouble - Off-Broadway
[title of show] - Broadway

I'm totally in love with Spring Awakening and In the Heights. And pretty much anything Conor McPherson has ever put on paper.

(Hi Connie.)


Just wanted to say thanks to blessed_lunatic and malachus for visiting. It was great to see you, even if just for a little bit. See you in September!


Oh, how I love those boys!


It's pretty lame that I'm 32 years old and still a little nervous about taking the bus down to NYC by myself on Saturday. HoMe will be away at a conference, so I'm going to meet up with a Brooklyn friend to see a Broadway musical. I'm excited, which is also a bit less than mature, but also a little nervous.

People at respectable institutions keep doing stupid evolutionary psych research "proving" that guys "naturally" prefer blue and gals pink. As bad as the research is, the press coverage of it is particularly awful.

And now someone has written an awesome post about the press coverage of the "findings." You really should check it out. This other post talks about why we should stop funding and performing such pointless research altogether. I'm not sure that the second one is reasoned well enough in the part about intelligence research. It certainly is problematic, but if, for instance, it were discovered that (by nature or nurture) the races performed differently in different areas of "intelligence" (which really tests learning more than inherent ability), perhaps that could be put to good use in tweaking the education system to better serve all students by introducing new teaching methods. Of course, the already problematic findings seem to be used only to put down the races that "don't perform as well." The first article is much better, but, as to the second, it is worth questioning why this color research is even useful to anyone other than advertisers, who already push pink for women.

Feministing.com links to one of the stupid press responses to the research. I think ABCNews.com/Reuters had one of the worst articles about the research. Note particularly the little photo accompanying the article. What's with the gratuitous almost-nudity? I sent them some pretty nasty email about the use of that photo and the fact that they didn't even question the validity of the research nor mention that the results probably point more to socialization than evolutionary color preference.

ABCNews.com also links to an article from USA Today that's pretty stupid. For instance, I doubt a woman under 80 years old would actually be friends with someone who referred to them as a "lady friend." How they can refer to this research as a "rational answer" to anything is beyond me.

When the hell did reporters turn into press-release regurgitators instead of real journalists? I lament the state of the fourth estate!

Still alive

Hi everyone. Sorry for being so bad about keeping in touch. I think life is just starting to slow down. I hope so, anyway. Either way, A and I are heading to Chicago this weekend to see a few high school friends. They both had kids last year. That kind of freaks me out. That makes me old for real. Plus, next year will be my 15-year high school reunion (not that I'd go). And I've been married for 11 years. Some days I just feel old.

I read Harry Potter in 12 hours. Straight. I was reading slowly because I started at 9 pm and toward the end I was wicked tired. I'm mostly happy with the book.

Another little update

My grandfather passed away in mid-December. He made it to both his 90th birthday and his 65th wedding anniversary. He died a week before Channukah (or however you choose to spell it).

I have adopted a soldier through Soldiers' Angels, partly in his honor, I think, though it didn't occur to me until later why the idea seemed so compelling.

We stayed home for Christmas this year. I just started on cards. If I have your address, you'll get one eventually! New Year's will be mellow this year, too.

We brought home bed bugs from San Francisco. We discovered them on Thanksgiving, when A broke out in hives. I think they're gone now, but I haven't gone back to sleeping in the bedroom. I'm tired of the futon, though. Maybe we can finish cleaning and checking everything this weekend and actually sleep in our own bed again. The idea wigs me out, though. I had insomnia for weeks after we discovered the problem. It's gotten better.

A finished the class he was TAing/recitation he was teaching. So he will finally start his real postdoc research in January. I'm still in the same great job I've had for 6 years. Our cats are still fat and happy. I think that's it for us.

Tiny update

1. My grandfather turned 90 yesterday. A month ago it didn't seem possible that he would make it. My grandparents 65th wedding anniversary is toward the end of the month, but there's maybe a 1% chance he'd live that long. I don't want him to be holding on for us if he needs to go. Every minute I expect an email message or phone call saying he's gone. I'm worried about my grandmother. I hate being an adult.

2. A and I have tickets to San Fran leaving this Sunday. He has a conference, so the hotel and his plane tickets are covered, and I have a free ticket on Southwest. So it will be cheap. And we both really, really need a vacation. Of course, if my grandfather dies before then, I won't be going. If not, I have to pack funeral clothes for my trip just in case I need to come back early.

3. If everything is cool and I get to spend the week in San Fran, I'll get to see two Girlyman shows!

4. I hope you're all well. I know I'm terrible about keeping in touch.